How To Quickly Learn and Master
An Extremely Valuable And Profitable Car Buying Skill, Dramatically Improve Your Earning Power, And Make All The Money You Like With Less Stress And Strain
An Open Offer To Car Lovers Who Want To Create A Huge Income And Amazing Lifestyle Working With Cars But Can’t Seem To Get Started.

Michael Costigan

June 1 2018

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Our e Car Cash Program
You Are Just Three Hours Away From Getting Everything You Want in Life!

All It Requires Is That You Do

Something . . . NOW!

Your new life might be right in front of you… right here…right now!

If you like cars, if you know and understand how important cars are in our culture, and if you can learn to spot a good deal and act on it, you might just be looking at a game changing opportunity.

Are you tired of working too hard, not making enough money, and being too tired or too broke to have the time to enjoy life?

Do you want to change your life and add a new dimension to it?  Do you want to add something new and exciting to your working days? Do you want or need to generate lots of new fresh income to improve your life? Then you’re looking at the answer to your prayers and dreams.

This report will present a very detailed explanation of our e Car Cash program and our offer to join us in this program. You will see how the business operates and how it can prove to be beneficial and profitable to anyone that enters into business with us.

What doese Car Cash’ mean?

You’ve seen the term ‘email’ that loosely defines the message as an ‘electronic’ one. In our business we use the internet and websites extensively and so we think of it as an e’ business.

Plus, we do business by buying and selling cars and that means…. Cash! Lots of it.

What exactly do we do?

We simply buy cars and sell (flip) them at a profit. We have a method or ‘blueprint’ that we use to conduct a highly successful and profitable business and we are willing to teach it to license holders in our business.

Anyone can buy or sell a car but we have specialized knowledge and skills that allow us to find a large number of car sellers and to buy cars at an unbelievably low price.

We buy and sell large volumes of cars in many different ways.

We have found the old adage to be true: “you make your profit when you buy the car…not when you sell it.” Meaning of course that you need to buy the car at the right price…one low enough to allow you to cover your costs and make a profit.

Below you will find a detailed explanation on exactly how we buy and sell our cars and how we conduct our daily business.

We make sizeable profits on everything we do.

The main consideration for us on every transaction is that we cover all of our costs, contribute to the payment of overhead, and earn a good profit.

You’ll be astonished at the profits you can make

In a very short period of time.

We have a finely tuned and sophisticated system and business…we’ve learned all of the tricks about how to buy cars at outrageously low prices, how to sell these cars quickly a number of different ways, and how not to make mistakes. We know how to do this business legally and successfully and we make huge profits every day.

Eliminate Confusion and road blocks

Just so you understand, we are a privately held family business that has created this sophisticated system and operated successfully for about 9 years.

We are not selling our business.  We are selling licenses to operate and use our system within a defined territory. It will be a business you own and operate under our license and agreement.

Our Business Model

This is not a franchise and there is no real estate or hard assets to buy. You are really just using our system and tools, and operating under our umbrella.

We have created this licensed version of our very profitable business that we will sell to qualified individuals in certain geographic market areas. We will sell a very limited number of licenses in the USA… probably only one or two in each state depending on the demographics.

Our goal is to have fewer licensees that are very profitable instead of a lot of them that are less profitable. We want to do business with people we can call friends, that we like and trust, and we will do everything in our power to make them ultra successful and happy.

Benefits of our Program

When you join us you will get a proven, functioning, and profitable business that takes the guess work out of operating a buy/sell car business. Our business is run by successful people… mostly family members… that are in the business now,

Our people that know exactly what they are doing and can show you the right way. You will work with a team that will take you under their wing, teach and coach you, and will drive you hard to do the work and make a successful business of your own.

We promote hard work, huge rewards, joy and happiness, and great success!

Who this program is for:

We realize that this program might not be for everyone. This is a program for the person with the right qualifications and available within certain geographical areas.

In fact, due to the limited number of territories that will be available, it might be too late and your preferred area might be already taken. More on that later.

But here is who we’re looking for and who we think would do well with our business:

  • First, you need to be able to talk to people. You’ve got to have some empathy with people.  You need a life experience that can help you relate to their car selling needs and problems and be willing to help the seller but at the same time get the results you are looking for.
  • You should be someone who loves cars and likes the opportunity to work with them in some capacity. Any previous car experience will be useful.
  • You should know the basics of car mechanics… what makes them run, what to look for, and hopefully be able to recognize problems if they exist, know how serious the problem might be, and what you could do to inexpensively fix
  • You can be young or old… we don’t care about age… what really matters is that you are enthusiastic, hard working, and eager to earn some money.
  • You should be honest and sincere. We don’t run a shady operation and we don’t want anyone working with us who does.
  • You need to be willing to learn. You will complete our training and operate your business within the constraints of our business model. We will teach you everything.
  • You will need to have some investment money to get you started. Any business needs money to own and operate. (see the section about program cost)

If that’s you, please go apply at:


Who this program is not for:

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or one of those ‘Fast Buck’ online deals where the money is going to spit out of the computer and hit you in your face. This isn’t it.

Here is who we are NOT looking for:

  • Lazy people who won’t get off the couch and go to work. Our opportunity requires lots of hard work to get started and then steady elbow grease to keep it growing and profitable.
  • Broke folks. If you are broke, have no investment money, and no credit, then you are not right for this program.  It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person… but without investment and operating capital this program won’t work for you.
  • Crooks and thieves. We are an honest company with a golden reputation and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we will not tolerate any shady characters with evil intentions. We protect our customers and deal honestly with them, and we protect our reputation as well.
  • Can’t Follow rules. We run our business a certain way and provide all of the training and tools to support our system. We don’t want anyone who refuses to take the training and learn our system.  You might have your own ideas and that’s fine, but if you work with us you need to adhere to our system and methods.

What we offer clients

We are selling a license to own and operate a functioning and profitable portion of our business and operate it as your own business.  With this licensing agreement you will be provided with a complete and functioning business that will be setup in your own name.

As part of the agreement you will be required to pay a reasonable fee and a monthly royalty in order to continue using our license.

Defenition of ‘Licensing Agreement’  This term refers to a written agreement entered into by the contractual owner of a property or activity giving permission to another to use that property or engage in an activity in relation to that property. The property involved in a licensing agreement can be real, personal or intellectual. Almost always, there will be some consideration exchanged between the licensor and the licensee.

In order for this business to be viable, we need a continuing relationship, with a businessman that is successful and profitable and we will support him and provide him with every possible method and tool for operating a profitable business.

What exactly does it cost to buy a license?

Our licensing structure is based upon the demographics and size of the area or territory that you want.  We charge a base fee to buy the license and then a monthly fee to support out advertising and marketing efforts.

Some areas could be as low as a $5,000 base fee and $500 monthly payment while other much larger ones could be as high as $15,000 and a monthly payment of $1,500.

The larger fees represent a much larger business and profit while the smaller fees are for areas with a smaller population and market. We tailor the fees for the area you are interested in buying and we discuss this with you at length in the application conversation.

We earn our profits from the fees you pay for the use of our system, and products and services we offer. If you are successful, you can easily pay the fees. It makes sense for us to make sure that you are profitable and happy.

Our e Car Cash Program
Here’s what we offer:

  • A complete and fully functional business. This business will be built exclusively for you and taken from the main body of our nationwide car business. We will assign you an exclusive territory and build all of the necessary tools and resources needed for you to pick it up and continue running the business in your name.
  • An exclusive proven territory. This will be a profitable territory taken from our nationwide business. It will be either a large metropolitan area, a portion of a state, or a whole state, depending on the size, population, and other demographics that make it profitable.
  • Marketing system. Our marketing  system will include
    • Super Websites. We build a minimum of two Super Websites for each license holder. In many cases we will build three.  Each Super Site has over 1,400 pages of content, is dense in buying keywords, and attracts car sellers like a magnet.
    • Local ‘Branding’ Website. We build one local ‘branding’ website for each licensee. This site is intended to create a ‘local’ identity and will brand your business within the community.
    • SEO and Optimization. Each website is ‘On page’ and ‘off page’ optimized for maximum results. Our websites enjoy top positioning and maximum traffic.
    • Traffic. Your business will be flooded with traffic.  With the websites, directories, yard signs, and other things we do to direct traffic to the sites you will have no trouble staying busy.We also use PPC (pay per click) ads and Facebook targeted ads with great effect and these will be available to you based on your advertising budget and desire to use these ads. (Advertising can be expensive)
    • Directory Listings. Your business will be listed on all of the major review sites like: YELP, City Search,, and others.
    • Live Chat system. You will enjoy the use of a live chat system that allows you to answer calls using a remote operator who will take all of the details from the caller and send them to you for a call back. Very Powerful!
    • Yard Signs. We have one of the most unique sales and marketing tools available today… yard signs. A carefully placed sign will draw hundreds of calls and we furnish you with your first batch of 100 and show you where to buy more. If you make use of these signs you’ll quickly discover how effective they are.
  • Tools and Resources. We will include some powerful tools and resources.
    • Dealer’s License agreement. As our licensee you will be working under our dealer’s license. That doesn’t mean that you are a licensed dealer but it does offer you protection and a certain legal status.We will show you how to buy and sell cars without needing a dealer’s license but in some cases the license will be necessary. Keep in mind that we carefully protect our dealer’s license and will not tolerate any illegal activities or anything that would endanger our license.
    • Your own 800#. We will give you your own 800# for receiving calls. This number comes with a system for logging in and checking your calls and archiving calls for future reference.
    • Powerful database. We provide you with an expensive but mandatory office database. This database is the most useful tool you will ever have and when you learn to use it effectively it will make your business run like a well oiled machine.
    • Special auction program. We have a special auction plan for you if you are interested in this method of sales.  Our Auction income is enormous and we could not work without it.You need a dealer’s license to sell at an auction plus you will need an escrow account.  With a reasonable deposit and by allowing us to approve your auction sales, we will let you use our license and our special relationship with auctions across the country.You have to learn how to sell at auction. There may be losses, which is why we require an escrow deposit, and you will need to quickly learn how to determine if the car you are selling is a good ‘auction car’.
    • Our rolodex, resources, and contacts. Naturally we have a large network of friends and business associates… some commercial and some individuals… and we will provide you with all of the important contacts and make introductions as necessary.We will give you access to all of our vendors and teach you the etiquette and protocols required when dealing with them. Very Important!
  • Weekly Conference Calls. We will conduct one weekly group training call for all license holders where we will conduct training and also answer questions from the group.
  • 1 on 1 support. We will hold one private training call per week with each licensee. If someone is having a problem they can call and receive immediate assistance and support from our staff of experts. You are not alone!
  • Amazing training. Each license holder will be provided with excellent ongoing training. Our training covers all areas of our business. It’s the equivalent in a college education in car buying and selling. You will be an absolute expert after completing this training.

Our Amazing 100% Guarantee

The very best iron clad guarantee ever offered in this Industry!

I am only going to be working with a small group of applicants that apply and are interviewed and accepted into our group and take a territory.

Because I am only going to select the action takers who are not afraid of a challenge, and have a bit of money and resources to get started. It will be a tight and very qualified group.

I will trust and believe in this group and because I interviewed them and accepted them I will know them very well and will be confident in their ability to make their new business successful.

And to reassure anyone and everyone who enters into business with me I will offer this absolutely insane guarantee… one that should take away all of anyone’s fears and concerns about this offer.

I will shoulder all of the risk… 100%!

If you join with me, I will build you an enormous business, I will train you, coach you, talk to you one on one, and give you as much support as I humanly can for 60 days.

Call it a trial if you want.  But, before the 60 days expires, if you … or I….decide that it isn’t a good fit and we can’t work together, I will refund everything you have paid100%. We can part as friends and there will be no anger or hard feelings.

The business will revert back to us, we will keep all of the websites we have built, and we will redirect all of the sales and leads back to our offices.

We keep what’s ours and you keep what’s yours.

That’s it! We shake hands and part company. Everybody smiles.

A 100% Guarantee… with no hidden tricks or conditions?!

What we do for our clients

We take you by the hand, help you create your business entity, install all of our tools and resources, build your websites and get the traffic, and train you every inch of the way to duplicate our success and make a high six figure income the first year.

How to make our program successful

In a nutshell, here are the absolutely most critical and important actions and attitudes that produce the most success the fastest way possible:

  • Honesty and Integrity. The used car industry is fraught with practices of dishonesty. It is our number one rule… that we deal in our business with pure and outright honesty and integrity. We treat all customers, whether buyers or sellers, with total respect, kindness, and honesty.
  • Willingness to Learn. Our system of doing business is not complicated but it does require you to learn what we do, how we do it, and exactly what we expect of you as a licensee.  You must be willing to learn our system and use it daily in your business.
  • Hard working. This is not a business for lazy or shiftless people. We don’t expect you to kill yourself with work but we do expect you to take this business seriously and work hard to make it successful.
  • Action Taker. Be an action taker and move quickly. Don’t sit around analyzing and thinking, studying and reading, but instead make a quick judgment and decision and then move quickly into action.  It’s the momentum from quick action that will make everything work.

Please apply at:

Our Approach

Our e Car Cash Blueprint is unique in the marketplace. It was developed over a ten year period and has been operating and functioning as a family business, strong and profitable, working at a high level with great success for that long.

  • Our Model is an expanding body of work that will be upgraded and improved over the years as we continue to research and test and install new features.
  • Our model allows you to grow a sustainable and ongoing business with powerful strategies in lead generation and deal closing.
  • Our system trains you to present yourself and your skills to customers in a way that installs confidence and trust in them instantly.
  • Our buying and deal closing methods and lead conversion techniques produce record numbers of completed and signed contracts that produce unbelievable revenue.

Applicants Will See The Inside

Just to keep things simple and not distract you from reading this offer, we have not shown you our company websites and talked much about our family business.

All applicants, the ones who fill out the applications and are being considered for this opportunity, will be given full disclosure and will be shown our business, including all of the websites and systems and tools that we use every day to operate our business.

We have nothing to hide!

Our Training is not textbook style! 

Here’s the Ultimate, NO B.S. ‘Take-You-by-the-Hand’, ‘Make-You-Get-Off-Your-Butt’ and ‘Force-You-To-Take-Action’ Personal Business and Marketing Instruction and Coaching That Can Guarantee Your Success.
Our training is a step by step, over the shoulder look into the secrets of our business. We teach you the techniques and methods that we use to run our business daily. Some of our training tools are:

  • Screen shot videos of our Office database. Learn the power within this tool and how to use it effectively.
  • Video training sessions showing the various methods we use to buy and sell out cars.
  • Audio training talks by our founder, Mr. Mike Costigan. Mike is a fiery Irishman who loves to share his knowledge. His lectures on subjects of interest to him in helping you stay inspired and enthusiastic and eager to work.

Mike created this business, trained his family and workers, and is an expert at operating this business at a high level of profit.

  • Online Newsletter. We publish an online newsletter every month full of industry news, important tips, and company news and updates. Very Useful!
  • Conference Calls. Our conference calls are extremely effective training sessions. The always contain important discussions and answers to your burning questions. One of the most important things you can do it participate.
  • 1 On 1 Training Calls. Our founder and leader, Mr. Mike Costigan, will speak with you weekly in a one on one call.  He’ll go over your progress, answer any questions you have or deal with any problems that you might have. Mike is the man in your corner and you’ll find him very much on your side.

Please apply at:

Your e Car Cash Invitation
So, where do we go from here?

  • You’re at your computer reading this report.
  • You’ve heard how this works.
  • And you know that using a proven functioning business system like ours can be a great way to quickly jump into a profitable business of your own.

 If you’re someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge… someone who really can grab a golden opportunity, that will take the training and coaching assistance, and build your own profitable business, we want to talk to you.

Time is Important!
I am not pushing or trying to squeeze you into making a decision here. However,as I said, we are going to have a few territories available in different parts of the USA

If you are interested in this opportunity it would be in your best interest to jump on this offer and send in the application immediately because the locations will go fast and the one you want might not be available for long.

Fill out the application and send it.  Your application will be date stamped and it will be reviewed quickly, on a first come first served basis, so the early applicants are the ones who will have the best chance.

Don’t hesitate to apply. It never hurts to talk and get the information you want and there is no obligation or stress… it’s just so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

Ok, so if you haven’t already done so, please go and apply at:

Do It Now!