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An Open Offer To Car Lovers Who Want To Create A Satisfying Income And Amazing Lifestyle But Can’t Seem To Get Started.
Your Love of Cars Can Help You Quickly Build A Heart Stopping Income And Help You To Live That Exhilarating Lifestyle You Always Dream About …In Less Than 90 Days!
Limited Opportunity to License A Life Transforming Car Buying Business and receive complete training and support … absolutely Free!
Dear Fellow Car Lover,

There is a secret…one powerful and amazing secret …that makes the difference between success and failure in the ‘buy and sell cars’ business. I can’t tell you what it is just yet but if you had this one secret you could change your life almost overnight. More about that in a minute.

Now, for the first time ever, an opportunity has become available for a small group of car lovers that are eager to make some serious money and aren’t afraid of a little work.

A family owned ‘Mega Car Buyer and Seller business… a business that makes millions of dollars a year … has created a new program and they are selling off pieces of their nationwide business one state at a time or one territory at a time.

Each business will consist of a licensing arrangement with full use of our advertising and marketing tools, office systems, full training, and lifetime backup and coaching.

The company will issue one license in each proven territory and the owner of the license will be supported by the company and can build a healthy and profitable company … if they work hard.

Each of these territories, and the lucky guy that gets it, if he follows the plan and the training, will produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and a lifestyle that even Doctors and Lawyers couldn’t afford.

There will only be a few licenses offered… about 40 or so nationwide… it will be exclusive with no overlaps or competition from other licensees. The company only wants to work with a few good men…just like the Marines… and they will train and support them and make each one a Rock Star! in the business.

What do we have that’s so Hot ?…

and why would I want to do this business with you?

Let me explain the benefits of working with us.

We are a national company and own over 150 websites with more than 180,000 pages of content and to be honest we ‘own’ the first pages of any internet search involving people wanting to sell their cars.

Our powerful marketing system doesn’t stop with internet searches… we have about 40 other methods of marketing and driving leads and sales to our office.

We get over 500 to 600 fresh and hot leads every day… all across America… and we buy over 10,000 cars a year.

That’s why you want to work with us… you won’t be out knocking on doors or crawling through Craigslist or EBay listings… you’ll be sitting in your chair talking to people who call you and beg you to do business with them.  It’s Amazing!

Well if your business is so great why

are you selling these licenses?

OK, that’s a fair question.  The simple answer is that we realized that we were missing a lot of great opportunities because of the way we do business.  We don’t have ‘on the ground’ live people in every state and every busy market.

In our home state of Illinois we make a killing because we can actually go look at the cars that show promise… buy them ‘right’ and drive them to our shop facility, then clean them up and sell them to one of our steady buyers.

The profits in these ‘buys’ are more than ten times what we get by dealing with the purchase and sale of a car on the phone. There are some other profit building secrets here but we won’t talk about that now.

We discovered, quite by accident, that if we worked with a trained specialist that lived and worked right in the area, we could explode the sales and profit potential within that territory.

After long discussions of partnerships and percentage deals, taking in the pros and cons of each idea, we finally landed on a licensing program that allowed us to work with a specialist in each area and only require a reasonable purchase price and monthly fee to cover our costs and work involved in marketing and management.

What are you really offering for free and

why would you do that?

We are selling a fully functioning business here… one that is working today and making profits… huge profits every day. By joining us and taking a license you ‘assume’ that entire business within your territory and all of the leads and the sales within that territory will be yours.

However, just jumping into a hot streaming new business that is wildly busy and requires immediate attention, we realized that it would require a lot of training and coaching and support to make sure each new owner was able to pick up the system and continue operating it at full strength.

And so we developed a system of training that includes some powerful office tools and field operation training that would assure the new operator of being able to run his business and make profits from day one!

Why do we offer it free?  Most of our training is in the form of written reports, video training, and audio training sessions.  However, we do include weekly coaching calls and the most important part of all… we offer one on one live calls with each owner once a week.

Plus, we of course will handle direct calls in the case of an emergency or problem that you would need help with.  You’ll have a ‘hot line’ number to call in this case.

We thought about charging for this training because it cost thousands of dollars to produce, but since it’s mostly ‘digitally delivered’ and the coaching calls and one on one were fairly simple and not too time consuming we created this training program … and it’s a pretty powerful program!

The Invisible Sales Fear
You might not be aware of it or want to admit it but in today’s world we all live with a bit of apprehension and as we read, listen to, or watch hundreds of sales messages every day we are used to filtering what we see or hear and ignoring most of it.

There is a lot of fraud in this world and a lot of the advertising we see is full of exaggerated promises and over stated claims.

Knowing this, we want you to understand that what we are offering here is a piece of our business, something we have spent years of our lives and millions of dollars building and we should be the ones afraid…not you.

We have a lot to lose by making a mistake and starting to work with the wrong person in our new program.  And so we created a two sided interview arrangement that will let each of us get to know each other.

The Two Sided Arrangement
We will send you a comprehensive report that explains everything about our business and how it operates and you will be able to see the inside of our business and get an idea if it is something you can and want to do.

For our side, we would ask you to take a deeper look at our program and totally understand what it is and how it works.  We want you to see the entire system and the profit potential and you will know if it’s something for you or not.

Then, we will ask you to fill out and send us a short application with details about yourself and your background. We will ask you to tell us if you are interested in working with us, what your qualifications are, and if you have the financial resources to handle this program.

Then we can each decide if we are right for each other

and if we should move forward.  And, I won’t waste your time!

I want to see the report now! Click here for instant download.
I want to find the perfect candidates for us to interview and consider.  I know that I’m asking you to take some time and read this report and fill out an application if you’re interested.

But, I want you to know how serious I am and how important this is to me. I know that you’ll get great value from the report alone, even if we don’t work together.

If, after you download and read our report and fill out the application for an interview, and after we talk on the phone about our opportunity, if you don’t see this offer as a great opportunity and you feel like I wasted your time, just let me know and I’ll compensate you for your time and reward you for your effort.

I will personally send you $100 cash for your time and a $50 gift certificate for a lovely dinner at a quality restaurant in your town or city.

Limited Opportunity!
We are keeping the opportunity small and will only be working with a small group of people… limited by geography and population… only one dealer per territory…maybe about 40 across the whole country.

We are keeping the group small and tight so that each territory will be large enough and populated enough to give the owner a strong and profitable business. We aren’t going for volume here…we want quality and success.

 So, if this opportunity appeals to you and you’d like to apply, please click here for the full report and details about the application process.

Please click here for the report and application: Click Here

There will be a lot of people reading this letter and downloading the report. Many of them may not be qualified or right for this work.  That’s why I will only talk to candidates who take the time to fill out the application form and give me some details about themselves.

Here’s who we want to talk to:
This business involves buying and selling used cars using our system.  We buy cars from customers who call us asking us to buy their cars. We get hundreds of calls every day and we have a very refined system of buying the cars at a good price and selling them at a great profit.

Our perfect candidate would need to be able to talk to customers, make a quick determination of the car value and if we want to buy it, and make an offer to the customer and buy the car over the phone.

He would know and love cars. He would have an instinct for a car’s value based on condition, age, and mileage.

Our perfect candidate would understand auto mechanics to the extent that he can spot mechanical issues and know if the problem is serious or not.  They either do mechanical work themselves or know a good mechanic they could hire to do simple work on the cars if required.

We need someone that can talk to people…someone that the customer will trust and respect… not a smooth talking salesman, but rather a good communicator.

We need honest and trustworthy people… folks that are like us…like family… that will do a good job with a business, with us helping them, and not try goofy tricks and schemes and look for ways to cheat the customers and us.

You don’t have to have a college degree, you don’t have to be a trained salesman, you don’t need to be an auto mechanic, and you don’t need to be a priest or a preacher.  But a good mixture of all of those would help!

We need hard working and versatile people who can think on their feet and not be afraid of work.

Is that you?!  If so, please download the detailed report and apply:  Click Here
Here’s who we don’t want to talk to:
First of all, you have to have some money or credit. You’re buying a business here and it takes some cash to do it.  You should also have some backup money for buying advertising and even buying some cars when the opportunity arises.

If you’re broke and don’t have credit it would be a mistake for you to even try to work a business like this.

If you don’t know cars or anything about mechanics you might not work in this business. It’s all about cars… buying and selling cars, understanding their condition and value, and knowing what is right or wrong about a deal.

You need to be a student and learn our system and that will take some brains and some hard work. If you are not highly motivated and not willing to spend a lot of time learning our system and business you are not right for us.

You must be honest and possess a high level of integrity in dealing with people and money. If you are the slightest bit shady or have a sarcastic view of customers and wouldn’t mind taking advantage of them, you are definitely not for us.

This is a ‘Once In A Lifetime’ opportunity!
What I am about to show you is a powerful business and marketing system. If you work with me, you Are Getting The Exact System I Personally Use every day and make millions of dollars a year with.
Are you wondering about the price ?
Our pricing structure is not overly complicated.  We are licensing a fully functional and profitable portion of our business and the buyer of the license will assume all of the revenue from that territory.

I will go into the pricing structure in detail in the report but in case you are questioning whether you can afford this opportunity or not:

I can tell you that, depending on the size and population of your territory, the cost for the license could run from $2,000 to $15,000 and there is a very reasonable monthly fee that can run from $500 to $2,000.  When you download and read the report you will understand exactly what your cost might be.

Maybe that seems like a lot but you need to understand that this is a fully functioning business that generates revenue daily and so you won’t need to worry so much about  money but you need to have some to start with.

Remember that we are giving you a ‘slice of the pie’ and won’t hold anything back. Your success is our success and your failure would be our failure. We want and need you to be profitable and successful!

Special Deal Available For 23 Days

When you download and read my report, you are going to see a special offer.  You see I don’t have time to drag this offer out for months and months.  I only have 50 states here in America and only about 40 good strong markets to offer.

This Opportunity will be advertised for the one month… well, there are actually only a few days left… and then I’m going to shut this down and work with the group of fast action takers that respond to this offer.

These deals will go fast and so if you want to see what the whole opportunity looks like and get your name in the hat, you need to immediately take action and download the report and fill out the application and send it to me.

I’ve decided to offer an insane special bonus for the fast action takers and I’ll explain it in the report.

I want to see the report now!  Click Here for instant download.

This business was made for you. It’s your new life and your new future.
Download the report and get started now!
Click Here for instant download.
Thanks for looking and I hope to see you inside!

Your Friend

Mike Costigan